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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not perfect

Salam wbt

If I was asked about what thing I'm bad at.. My answer probably be driving.

Yeah I'm bad at driving.

I passed the theory part excellently.

But I just knew that knowledge isn't equal to understanding.

We need to apply the knowledge in order to understand a thing.

My driving skill is bad.

But I'm not going to give up. I wanna be a driver who drive slowly but safely.

Slowly but surely. Yeah thats how I will do it.

I don't wanna be the kind of driver who drove fast and crashed.


That's not my plan.

Not all driver are fast-learner. Slow driver also can reach the destination.

Give me time. 

O Allah who can read my broken heart right now, give me guidance.


P/s : I'm not literally talking about driving.

But yeah.. I failed my jpj test eventho I achieved perfect score during theory test. It kinda relates, which is funny.

Hope to get my license real soon. (Now I'm literally talking about driving license)

Till then, pray for me! Thanks in advance.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lame Error


Hari ni tujuannya adalah untuk membebel sahaja.

Well. Meet my best friends. 

Yang pakai baju oren tu Nik.

Yang depan tu Fiq.

Saya telah dilahirkan dengan satu kemampuan. Kemampuan untuk buat lawak hambar dan bercakap perkataan perkataan yang pelik. Saya berterima kasih kepada Allah kerana memberi saya dua orang sahabat ini, yang boleh menerima saya seadanya. 

Sebab mereka pun sama.....


Walaupun kami lame, kami gembira.

Sekian bebelan bye!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My vacation in a nutshell

Assalamualaikum dear reader(s),

I am becoming a boring person so this will be a very boring post so yeah whatever, read if you want. Haha.

So I have returned from my short and sweet holiday.

This time I went to 3+1 countries. Why +1? Because I was just transiting but it was 24++ hours transit time so I went out to the city. Hence explains the 3+1.

The 3 are... Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic

And the +1 is Manchester, UK.

I'm not going to elaborate much on the details. I just want to write my few 50 cents thought hihi. And I'm gonna put them in points and for the record, they are not chronological according to time. Random and messy points.

1. Back to Narnia. Okay, actually back to Russia after a week of holiday. I really hate going back to Russia. Me and Russia, we have this kind of love-hate relationship. But as I reflect back on my life, I should have been grateful. I have a proper education with partial scholarship and I get the chance to see the world unless some other people. So well, Russia, let's have this professional relationship for 1 and a half year more. Okie dokie?

2. When the flight arrived at the Domededovo Airport in Moscow, the steward said this "If anyone is travelling back home, welcome back home!" (Ok I was too sleepy to remember the exact words and forgive me for the grammar error). But his words really made me feel homesick. I want to go back home too!! 

3. Oh I have a great luck with the hostels this time. So anyone travelling to the same spots, you can reserve these places : 
Goszdu Apartment, Budapest 
Rutheinsteiner Hostel, Vienna
Wandering BB Praha, Prague

4. I didn't buy a lot of souvenirs like I always do. Kinda regret it. But what to do. Haha. Sorry everybody.

5. I really love buying gifts for others. It becomes a habit. I think this has something to do with my name. Nawal means gift.

6. Now that I think of it, I want to name all my kids 'Nawal'. Haha okay Im mad

7. I think buying ipad was one of my wisest decision. I only charged her(yeah my ipad is a she) about 2 times during my 7 travel days. Um I havent named my ipad. Ughh too sleepy cant think of any cute name right now. 

8. Oh I took Orange Ways bus from Budapest to Vienna. The bus was late for about 40 minutes. But they hired a very cheerful and talkative so-called stewardess, so all the passengers were entertained by her and kinda forget and forgive about the late bus. Haha nice move Orange Ways.

9. For the journey to Prague, I took Student Agency bus. Thumbs up. Best bus ever. Very recommended. They served you with drinks. You get the earphone to watch the movie on the screen located in front of you and the service was awesome. Thanks to our handsome steward Daniel haha. And oh they got wifi too!

10. The currency of Hungary was really confusing! I have a hard time converting the money, thus explained why I just bought 7 fridge magnets from Budapest! 

11. I really love Primark. Yeah I'm a cheapskate like that.

12. One thing I learned during my holiday, it is not the place you go that matters, it is who you travelled with that matters. Huhu I really want to travel with family and him. 

13. I don't know why, I have this compulsive feeling to get married during my holiday. Haha. I have gone mad.

14. Oh I only ate at halal restaurant this time! Szeraj or Seeraj in Budapest, Halal Pizza and Kebab in Vienna (metro Westbanhof then take the tram and get down on the third stop) and Pakistani restaurant in Prague (near to the Islamic centre in Prague). And Jazeera in Manchester. Yummmmm

15. Oh and this time, I have travelled with the travelmates who love to try new drinks at every local supermarket. So I tried a lot of new drinks (mostly coffee and milk of different flavour). My personal favorites are caramel macchiato latte (bought at Spar) and Manner wafer milk (I just took a sip from Yan but I think I love this one! It is like you're drinking a wafer haha. 

16. I don't know what to write anymoarrr. So I just ROAAAARRR.

17. Congrats Nik ❤️ you're the best, remember that.

18. I love Cath Kidston no matter what.

19. Um my personal favourite place for each city :
Budapest - Castle Hill District
Vienna - Belvedere Castle
Prague - Charles Bridge

20. I really really really love funicular ride!!!! 

21. Hungarian paprika looks like cili kering to me.

22. There is no kangaroo in Austria. Okay lame to the power of lame error.

23. You can actually drink the tap water in Austria. 100% fresh from Alps. But I still bought the mineral water -________-

24. Prague is also called as city of love. And Prague is sooooo beautiful! They really preserved the old classy architecture.

25. Vienna closes at 6pm. Sleepy city at night. Gloomy during the day. Maybe due to the cloudy weather.

26. Budapest is actually Buda city connected to Pest city with the bridges. Buda and Pest are separated by river. And you can actually differentiate both city. One is more modern while another one preserve the old version of the city.

27. I use this poyo hashtag for my holiday pictures in instagram #nawalgoingplaces muehehehehehe

28. I am officially a frequent flyer of easyjet. Haha. Low-cost fare airline. Last year, I had a bad luck because I need to urgently unpack my luggage because only one hand luggage was allowed on cabin. But this year.... Wehuuuuu I received the complementary gift from easyjet to check in all my luggage for FREE! Suddenly I'm in love with easyjet. Kehkeh. You know, it all depends on you rezeki. Thank you Allah.

29. Above all, alhamdulillah ya Allah for this opportunity. I won't stop travelling and exploring the world inshaAllah. So where's next? Till then!

30. Assalamualaikum!


Thursday, January 15, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt

Memang la tiba tiba rajin nak update blog sebab sekarang musim exam. 

Sabun basuh and lotion; okay aku punya pemalas tahap aku malas nak picit sabun basuh and lotion punya botol masa nak keluarkan isi dia. Okay harap faham bahasa aku yang pelik dan berbelit belit. Jadi tak berapa banyak la yang keluar isi dia. Lepas tu bahagian deep dalam otak aku pun fikir, 

"Cehh memang kena tekan benda alah ni, kalau tak hasil keluarannya tak berapa memuaskan"

... Hmpphh...

"Tekan - tertekan - tekanan - pressure"

"Oh patut la penting pressure. Kalau takde pressure memang tak memberangsangkan hidup ni"

"Pressure ni macam driving force gitu"

"Hm pressure betul nak exam"

Okay lebih kurang macam tu la otak aku punya deep fikir pasal botol sabun basuh.

Aku ni susah gila nak tertekan. So sebab tu kadang kadang aku nampak relax. Tapi sebenarnya aku gelabah juga sebab aku relax.

Yes macam tu la complicated seorang aku.

Okay jadi kejadahnya aku update blog.

"Study la woiiiiiii"


Harap takde orang baca sebab ni literally aku mengarut. 

Pressure mana kau I need you!!

Okay sesiapa baca harap doakan diriku, terima kasih ku dahulukan.

Ummmm gedio lagi nak cerita. Takde la kot. Ok bye assalamualaikum!

Alamak wait... Tajuk aku basikal

Sebenarnya nak cakap, hidup ni ibarat kayuh basikal. 

Kayuh, kayuh, kayuh...

Boringnya woi

Tapi kau kena gak kayuh sebab only dead people stop moving. 

*Tetiba speaking*

So kayuh jela basikal. Belek la balik kertas tu nawal.

Okay ni bye betul haha salam!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review or Keyboard Warrior?

Assalamualaikum :)

And again.. I read status of my facebook friend. She wrote that she didn’t agree with the statement “Don’t judge islam by judging muslim”. I kinda agree and at the same time disagree with her.

I kinda have this habit to review the status of my friends. Am I considered as a keyboard warrior now? I hope not >_<

Okay, why do I agree with her?

I have this analogy. We love to read the testimony first when we want to buy something. For example, um.. let’s say Herbalife. We will search for herbalife page, read the advantage bla bla bla and then we will read the testimonials! We see our friends lose weight in 1 month, some are slower than others etc. So based on that, we will choose either we want to consume the herbalife or not.

Same like religion, as a human, we tend to see how the attitude of people of this religious. Because, being a religious person means we believe with what that religion offers us, and automatically we will do what the religion taught us. We are the reflection of our own religion. If you don’t want people to misunderstand about your religion, be a good example. Show them what your religion has taught you. If you keep showing bad examples and do bad deeds, how people around you suppose to think good of your religion? A bad driver could make people curse at a good car he drives.


Why did I disagree at the same time?

Because islam isn’t herbalife. It is not a product. Herbalife is created based on the research of the physiology of a human. They plays with human metabolism, which is more objective. Good metabolism, good effect!

But what about religion? It plays with your heart, your soul, which is in this case more subjective!

People say “learn religion with your heart, not your brain”

The guidance (hidayah) is given by Allah to whom He chooses. ( and of course, we need efforts to be chosen by Him)

“O you who believe! If you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet”

47: 7

Nowadays, people became muslim mostly by inheritance. Some of us are muslim by name, but not by actions. But that is the biggest nikmat and gift Allah had given to us. Born as muslim is like winning one million without a single effort (and of course even one million doesn’t worth born as muslim). But, human always take for granted something that they get easily. Born as a muslim doesn’t make a person a real muslim. Again with the analogy, even a person is has 1 million dollars without a single effort being done, he still needs to spend it wisely, and if he spends it badly on sinned things, he is not a good person. Same with a born-muslim. You need to work to become a better muslim.

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w once said in the hadis, “..there will be one day that muslim will be like bubbles in the ocean…..”

Large in quantities but no quality.

So, it is not fair for islam to be studied only by looking at the muslims. Study islam, don’t study the muslims. Because muslims aren’t perfect.

But, to my muslim friends n me, please, that is not an excuse for us to escape from being a real muslim. Work towards that! Become one! Don’t let people misunderstood our religion over and over again!

So, that is my two cents. Well more like fifty cents now. xD

Being a keyboard warrior is really easy *looking at the mirror* *sigh*
But remember, better being a keyboard warrior than being a silent warrior.

So.. In the end, I agree to disagree with my friend’s opinion.


Monday, February 17, 2014



I should be studying right now. I have obstetric exam tomorrow. Yeah I know. I should be sitting like a nerd now, burning the midnight oil. But, you know, it’s just the second week of school. The nerd inside me is missing somewhere and very shy to go out. So here I am, out of nowhere, writing a new blog post after so long. Hi!

I just read a status by my senior. And the status literally made me smile. Why? Because he is being so rational!

Waaa, what did he wrote anyway?

Well, he wrote about, maggi!

Err.. okay, maggi. Haha I know right, I should be worrying about fetal skull size right now, but all I did is writing about maggi and how on earth status about maggi related to rationalism?

He said that maggi is not good, but during hard time, when empty wallet teaches you about the value of life, maggi becomes our saviour!

Yeah. True enough.

My point is..

I like maggi. Especially tom yam.





Okay fine. My point is..


When we’re looking at something, don’t just look from one side. It might be bad from this side, but turn the angle slightly lower or upper, you might have a better view.

That’s why angle is very important in photography. And that is also why only some people can be good photographer. The one who knows to choose the right angle.

You might be really against maggi because of their bad side effect, but try to understand why still the person choose maggi when they know it is not good?

Think. Be rational.



Good luck exam Nawal.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum dear readers.

Don’t stay because this would an emo post. I am really sorry for being emo. People is not perfect. Trying to be one, but I can’t sometime. (okay emo)

Summer Holiday

A very meaningful and memorable one. I really love staying is Malaysia. Where my heart belong. Where my loves one live. Where I can live my dream. Malaysia is so meaningful to me that I can cry everyday remembering it. So stop, enough about Malaysia.

Back to Volgograd

Hari tu ada jalan dgn (oh sorry tuka BM la pulak) … oh where did I stop? Okay hari tu ada jalan dgn mimi n ayu. Diorang kata, this is their first time feeling mcm back to home bila sampai dekat Volgo. Which.. I dn feel d same thing! Volgograd is certainly not my home. It is like the pitstop that I stop for 6 years :( all the happy feeling and good mood when I was in Malaysia gone! In a second.


Okay, I am a 4th year medical student (POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). 4th year means you need to grow up. So grow up, Nawal!


I am the AJK dewan and my work specifically is to decorate the dewan. But the problem came in last mins, and the dewan gone. And I need to be ajk open-air so called garden theme raya. Alhamdulillah for the bestest team I had. Alhamdulillah for the good weather. Alhamdulillah for everything.


Warning : the most emotional part. I think people is weird. People can be really selfish. THATS ALL.