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Monday, September 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum dear readers.

Don’t stay because this would an emo post. I am really sorry for being emo. People is not perfect. Trying to be one, but I can’t sometime. (okay emo)

Summer Holiday

A very meaningful and memorable one. I really love staying is Malaysia. Where my heart belong. Where my loves one live. Where I can live my dream. Malaysia is so meaningful to me that I can cry everyday remembering it. So stop, enough about Malaysia.

Back to Volgograd

Hari tu ada jalan dgn (oh sorry tuka BM la pulak) … oh where did I stop? Okay hari tu ada jalan dgn mimi n ayu. Diorang kata, this is their first time feeling mcm back to home bila sampai dekat Volgo. Which.. I dn feel d same thing! Volgograd is certainly not my home. It is like the pitstop that I stop for 6 years :( all the happy feeling and good mood when I was in Malaysia gone! In a second.


Okay, I am a 4th year medical student (POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). 4th year means you need to grow up. So grow up, Nawal!


I am the AJK dewan and my work specifically is to decorate the dewan. But the problem came in last mins, and the dewan gone. And I need to be ajk open-air so called garden theme raya. Alhamdulillah for the bestest team I had. Alhamdulillah for the good weather. Alhamdulillah for everything.


Warning : the most emotional part. I think people is weird. People can be really selfish. THATS ALL.













Friday, May 17, 2013

Not my luck

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Humm! An emo title post?

No laaaa, don’t worry!

Today, I had the internal disease practical exam (or we called it therapy practical exam). So what happened? Before that, let’s go back a day before!

1 day ago…

As I was studying, and i thought, if I won’t be able to finish reading all those geeky medical stuff, I prayed to Him.

“If I wasn’t going to remember all these stuff for tomorrow, please make me remember when I’m going to be a doctor later”



He answered my prayers. I forgot so many things! My mark wasn’t that good. I answered my lecturer’s question badly. To make it worse, I need to answer the exam with the HOD, a.k.a our DEAN.

Why did I say that Allah has answered my prayers?

Because, after what had happened today, I know that I wasn’t good enough. I am no longer that “last minute specialist”. In order to gain the best, I need to give the best too. What you sow is what you reap. I will make sure, that I will be one of those competent doctors one day! Amin :)

So that is my day. How about you?

Till then, salam!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt

Hello dear readers..

Yeah, this 3rd year n stuff had made me a really busy person. But, I will always have time for nap..and often, a mere nap turns to oversleep. Plus, blogging is no more a routine for me. I will write only when I feel like writing, like right now. So, why do you feel like writing Nawal?

Exam’s timetable is OUT!

(kiasu gila)

Today, Syeeda n me had a conversation on our way back from the hospital, we talked about how will we go through this examination phase. It’s like 5 PAPERSSSSS (haha senior would punch me for this, they maybe already adapted to 5 papers)


Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try try try
Gotta get up and try try try
You gotta get up and try try try

So get up and try!

Try try try and leave the rest to Him. The right concept of tawakkal.

Goodluck to all Volgogradians! We’ll do well, inshaAllah :)

Till then, salam :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

Brain – akal

Wherever you go, whenever it is, and whatever you do and say, do it with heart and bring along your brain.

We never know hati orang, you could think it is funny, but you never know how people feel.

Betul lah frasa, orang yang banyak diam itu bijak. Talk only when you have something beautiful to say, if you don’t, just keep silent.

Pagi tadi terbaca tentang Maryam Jameela, she is one of the example that walking her talk.

I could talk the talk, but can I walk the talk?

Semoga Allah mengunci mulutku jika ia hanya perkataan sia sia, dan semoga Allah melancarkan pertuturanku jika ia bermanfaat.

May Allah bless.


Monday, February 11, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)


We almost reach three. But we decided to stop at two.

I don’t know if this is the best. Or I will regret this for the rest of my life. I just don’t know. And I will never know. There is no answer to this. At this very moment, I think this is the best I could do.

This is life. We need to make decision. Even thing as simple as buying sandwich at Subway, we need to make decision. Which one to buy, and during that process we will do critical thinking. Tuna? or Seafood? Or salmon? And at the end, we need to do decision.

Life is about making decision, to choose. But, we never know which one is the best decision.

I hope He guide me through this. Honestly i didn’t know whether I am strong enough for this or not.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sochi.ru 2013

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah masih berkesempatan untuk hidup dan masih diberi ilham untuk terus menulis. So, exam done, and holiday is next! This winter, I chose Sochi as my winter holiday spot. Actually it was a long story, i was planning to go to London, then Italy, then I decided to hibernate together with the polar bear n penguin in Volgograd, but He knows which place better for me, so here I am in Sochi, Russia.

When any of my friends asked, “Ko g mana?” I will answer “Sochi..” And they will like, where on earth is that? Okay, Sochi is located on south Russia, and to make it easy to imagine where it is, it is located really really near to Black Sea. Next year, winter olympic will be held here. So maybe the price will increase after the olympic, so I grabbed this chance to go there before the olympic started.

So the story begin………

Character : Me, Cuya, Ayu and Yasar

Trip kali ni sangat2 lah trip bidan terjun in which cuya tanya saya, ayu tanya yasar, bincang2, ajak orang lain then tetiba semua senyap then tetiba bising balik and bam! Jadi lah kami berempat sahaja yang pergi. Tiket dibeli masa study leave, in which masa tu sgt2 dekat dgn exam. No planning, no research, just tanya2 orang sahaja. Tiba2 dah 25hb, so jom lah kita bertolak.

So, untuk trip yang gamble begini, saya sarankan, sila bawa 3 benda ini :

1. Peta, smart phone, tablet, gadjet (so u wont lost, at least these thing would help you)

2. Physical yang mantap (in case u are lost, u need to walk A LOT to find the way back)

3. Kebergantungan dan ketawakkalan yang mantap dan sepenuhnya kepada Allah (because you never know what will happen)

Jadi, kami ke sana dengan train, and it was 18 hours train! Jadi, apa yang diperlukan untuk survive? Yes of course, food!


So this is us, with the food, in the train. *ngeeeeee*


Alhamdulillah after 18 hours, we were safely arrived at Sochi, and we took taxi to the hotel that we booked earlier (Alhamdulillah kami still waras untuk book hotel awal2, credit to ayu n yasar)

The hotel was nice, comfortable, especially the shower, sadly I didnt took any picture of the shower. And after check in and bersihkan diri yang dah menjeruk setelah 18 jam di dalam train, kami pun ready untuk berjalan.

First PLANNED destination : Delfinarium

Apakah itu delfinarium? Okay anda tahu kan aquarium? Aquarium bermaksud transparent tank yang mengisi hidupan2 laut. Jadi, delfinarium (delfin = dolphin) bermkasud tempat kehidupan dolphin. Jadi kami pun bertanya arah kepada penduduk tempatan dan berjalan dan terus berjalan. Okay, sesat.

Tapi islam tak mengajar kita untuk berputus asa, jadi kami pun meneruskan perjalanan, *gelak jap* sesat lagi. Seorang penduduk tempatan bagitahu kami yang delfinarium itu hanya dibuka pada pukul 3 ptg sahaja, dan pada waktu itu jam telah menunjukkan pukul 5 petang. TOO LATE, TOO LATE. So kami decide untuk ke bandar Sochi. Perhaps we can come again to delfinarium other day (we never come again hihihihi)

Second PLANNED destination : Riviera Park

Untuk ke Riviera Park yang terletak di tengah bandar Sochi, kami perlu menaiki mini bus. What number? Bila tanya soalan ni pada penduduk tempatan, they just answer “any bus that wrote SOCHI” okay, thats really helpful. Jadi, ketika saat2 genting begini, apa yang kita sangat perlukan adalah bekalan no 3! Berbekalkan bismillahirrahmanirrahim, kami pun naik bas. Alhamdulillah, Allah itu Maha Menolong, there was one nice lady that help us, told us where to stop and how to go there.

Kami turun di station "Gostinitsa Moskva”, from there, we need to walk a bit to Park Riviera. Jadi kami sekali lagi, melencong hihi. This time, put the blame on the little puppy. Afraid of the dog, we decided to enter Cinnabon and consumed a bit of glucose, so we have extra ATP for the walk!


Then, off to Riviera Park! So picture speaks thousand words, here it is..

DSC_0134 DSC_0144  DSC_0151DSC_0159 DSC_0170 DSC_0178 DSC_0184 

After walking around the park, the stomach really wants to be filled. We went to a restaurant PUC (in english, RICE).

DSC_0208 DSC_0211

Tired and full. Let’s called a day. Goodnight. Day 1 end.


Today we woke up early because we were going to the main attraction in Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana! The place where we can sliding and falling and twisting freely on the thick white snow! It’s a place for skiing and snowboarding.

40 km journey, lebih kurang KL ke genting highland. The ticket was only 15 rubles (=rm1.50) so cheap!

There are 3 interesting stories about Krasnaya Polyana :

1. Its scenery. So breathtaking! Even I showed the picture, it wouldnt be the same if u look with your own naked eyes. Subhanallah!

2. We were enjoying ourselves so much with the ski! It’s once in a lifetime experience :)

3. This is a very long story. If you wish to hear, please stay.

Bila sampai je kat atas tu, saya dan ayu sangat excited, lagi2 bila kami nampak chairlift! Chairlift is my dream come true. I always wanna ride on that. So after few trial of skiing, saya and ayu nak naik benda tu. Ayu ajak yasar and cuya decide untuk stay. Kami dengan gelojoh dan excitednya berlari2 ke tempat nak naik chairlift tu. Yuhuu! Disebabkan excited terlebih, maka saya dan ayu telah meninggalkan yasar terkebelakang dan menaiki chairlift tersebut terlebih dahulu.


Ayu : Mana seat belt?

Me : NO? NO!

TAKDE SEAT BELT. And the chairlift start rising, curam. We were like, astaghfirullahalazim all the way up. Then yasar at the back scream something like &**&^$%^^&*(^. Taktau apa dia cakap, no idea. Kami dengar macam “see back”. Then ayu scream back “Im afraid, dont want to talk”

Kami dah macam patung lilin, keras dan mengeras dan jangan tgk bawah. Saya buat diskusi dengan ayu. Kita turun nanti naik cable car la, tak berani la naik benda ni. Ok muktamad, turun dengan cable car!

And… sampai! Alhamdulillah! Then bila saya pandang belakang, oh man!! Kenapa yasar ada seat belt? (sebenarnya yasar jerit seat belt)

The whole journey, me and ayu didnt pull the palang that should be penghadang from jatuh! Di manakah kewarasan kami? Otakku tertinggal di dewan exam kah? Alhamdulillah Allah masih menyelamatkan kami. So dangerous. Jangan tiru aksi kami.


And.. cerita kami tidak terhenti di situ sahaja, bila kami pandang sekeliling, kosong dan terpencil, yang kelihatan hanyalah pergunungan salji yang curam. Kami tanya abang tu, rupa2nya the only way down is by skiing or snowboarding!


Kami, 30 minutes experienced ski-ers, what do you expect from us?

Cubaan untuk ski seperti pro berakhir dengan aksi bergolek2 di atas snow. Ok ini tak boleh jadi. So kami cabut ski tersebut dan berjalan kaki menuruni gunung tersebut. Way to go down seems like forever. Jauuuuuuhhhhh di mata. Pada waktu seperti ini, setiap bekalan diperlukan. Bekalan no 1 untuk merakam detik2 mencemaskan tersebut, bekalan no 2 untuk terus bertahan untuk menuruni gunung dan bekalan ke 3 adalah bekalan terpenting! Pada waktu itu, kami hanya mampu berdoa kepada Allah agar dipermudahkan urusan untuk turun ke bawah. Saya dan ayu sudah mula rasa untuk menangis. Apakah nasib kami T___T

Dan benarlah, pertolongan Allah itu pasti. Allah Maha Penyayang lagi Maha Pengasih. Benarlah Allah itu seperti sangkaan hambaNya. Jika kita bersangka baik kepada Allah, maka yang baiklah akan datang kepada kita. Pasukan penyelamat datang untuk menyelamatkan kami yang sangat helpless. Salah seorang pakcik yang sgt kesian kepada kami telah memanggil pasukan penyelamat untuk mengambil kami dengan motor (or motor ski or tak tahu). Alhamdulillah kami berjaya turun dengan selamat.

Lesson gained. Don’t be too excited, tanya dahulu, dan doa itu seharusnya sebelum kita melakukan sesuatu, bukanlah ketika saat genting barulah hendak berdoa seperti kami yang mula berzikir apabila takut.

So, the pictures!

DSC_0137 DSC_0162 DSC_0164 DSC_0168  DSC_0175 DSC_0190 DSC_0197 DSC_0199 DSC_0207 DSC_0209 DSC_0227 DSC_0258  DSC_0275 DSC_0289 DSC_0291 DSC_0298 DSC_0303 DSC_0321 DSC_0342 DSC_0354 DSC_0384  jatuhDSC_0261DSC_0172

Hari ni sangat dapat tarbiyyah, alhamdulillah. Tarbiyyah itu datang dari pelbagai cara. Tinggal kita sahaja untuk berfikir. Day 2 end.

Day 3

Untuk hari ke 3, kami rancang untuk ke : Dendrarium! Tempat hidupnya segala flora, it is more to botanical park.

Ya, itu rancangannya, tapi bila tengok tiket, errrkkkk takpela lagi2 semuanya bukan pencinta kipas susah mati flora, huu teruknya kami. Mungkin harus lebih mencintai selepas ini.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0008

Jadi, kami pun melakukan perkara yang tak pernah2 dibuat oleh orang lain di sochi. To shopping complex we go!

More Mall (translation : Mall Pantai)

I didnt shop anything. Stop lying, Allah marah. Okay, I shopped. I bought shoes, muffler, and blazer. All in pink. Pink is so my colour :)

Sebenarnya hari ke 3 ni banyak habis dengan berjalan. Best ke berjalan? Macam buat penat je. Maybe kadang2 terasa seperti waste time je berjalan, kan ada public transport. U could save more time. Tapi dengan berjalan, we get two benefits! First, it strengthen our muscle, especially for us student who tend to sit all day long on a chair studying. Let’s give our muscle extra work this time. And secondly, we could entertained our eyes with the scenery, to see the life of the local people, and many more along the way. Tak masuk dendrarium pun takpe, bunga2 dan pokok2 tepi jalan pun cantik and Allah hadiahkan free untuk kita! Bukanlah jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan?

Day 3 end.

Day 4

This is our last day here in Sochi. Tired, we woke up late. We start our journey at 1, maybe? We went to the black sea, near to our hotel. Lamanya tak sampai pantai! Pantai never ever disappoint me! There’s one feeling in the heart when you stand by the sea shore, the sea breeze, and the wave sound, bliss! Pantai kat sini lain dengan pantai di Malaysia. There is no single sand here! Tapi ada batu2 yang sangat cantik. We stay there for a while, taking pictures and the wave goodbye to the sea.

IMG_20130129_183155[1] After that, we went to souvenir shop to buy some souvenirs to family and friends!

19.11 29th Jan – Our train from Sochi to Volgograd. Goodbye Sochi, thanks for the memories.

And I would say, even though Sochi isn’t famous as other Europe cities, it is special in its own way. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity to visit this place.

“The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way”


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh My Philosophy!


One down. Two more. Alhamdulillah for the first exam (alhamdulillah, doesnt apply only when we happy, it applies to all condition, keep that in mind)

So, my next paper will be this – PHILOSOPHY.

Kenapa lah kena study philosophy ni? Apa kaitan dgn medic? Nak jadi doktor manusia lah, bukan doktor falsafah. Perlu ke philosophy ni?

Dari second year, until lah 3rd year, dah 2 tahun belajar philo, persoalaan world outlook masih tak difahami, tapi persoalan yang tak berhenti bermain di minda adalah “WHY DO I NEED TO STUDY PHILOSOPHY”

Nawal oh nawal, selagi anda tak buang soalan itu dari minda, selagi itu lah anda tak kan faham apa itu world outlook.

Heh, manusia (aku la tu), selalu mempersoalkan benda remeh, hingga tujuan utama entah ke mana. Dua tahun duk kalut pening kenapa kena study philosophy, satu zarah atom fakta pasal philosophy pun tak melekat di minda. Padan muka nawal.

Maka otakku yang sedang berkecamuk memikirkan philosophy ini ter-flash kepada sesuatu sharing yang diberikan oleh seorang ustaz. Kata beliau, nak jadi orang yang hebat, tak perlu jadi ‘alim(yakni berilmu) dalam sesuatu perkara sahaja, tapi jadi lah musaqaf(berpengetahuan) sikit2 dalam pelbagai bidang ilmu pengetahuan. Dari ilmu alif ba ta, ke ilmu matematik, bahasa bahasa, sains dan teknologi, isu semasa ke isu bola sepak n gossip artis(eh? okay tak perlu), kita kena tahu sikit2. Tak perlu mendalami kesemuanya, cukup lah tahu basic. Dan at the same time, jadilah ‘alim dalam bidang yang diceburi kita.

So Nawal, dah dapat jawapan? Kenapa kena study philosophy? Memang, memang and memang tidak jumpa kaitannya dengan bidang medic pujaanmu itu, tapi takkan nak tau pasal ubat, penyakit je, lepas tu takde dah? Nak borak dengan patient pasal treponema pallidum memang patient kamu takkan faham lah cik nawal. Jadi, secara rasminya aku berterima kasih pada universiti ku tercinta kerana menetapkan subjek philosophy dalam syllabus. InsyaAllah ilmu philosophy yang bakal ku study bersungguh sungguh untuk exam boleh jadikan aku manusia musaqaf, dalam philosophy.

Hehehe, hebat sembang cik kak? Buat nye idok? Amek ladon(baca=palm) tampaq muka sendiri #palmface

Moga Allah redha dengan ilmu-ku :) strive for next paper!

p/s : Kerja doktor n dai’e at the same time banyak memerlukan diri untuk menyantuni byk pihak, jika ilmu hanya sedikit, bagaimana nak mendekati orang? Bak kata bahasa senangnya, susah nak buat borak susah jugak ye.