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Monday, December 19, 2011

Who are you?

Assalamualaikum wbt Smile

I hope all of you in pink of health!

Today’s random topic is “who are you?”

I’ve done survey on a topic, who are you. And these are the answers.

I’m a doctor. I’m a successful engineer! I’m a hardworking teacher. I’m a humble maid. I’m beautiful stewardess. I’m great architect! I’m low class worker. I’m tea maker. I’m a despatch. I’m a sportman!


Ahaha, actually the survey was a lie. It just me making those answers. So, actually my point here, in this world, we met different people with different job. Someone could be as successful as Donald Trump, someone could be drop out of college but still manage to be a billionaire like Bill Gates, or someone could be the student with first ranking but fail as a human being.

Nowadays, people like to judge another people based on their  ranking, status quo (okay seriously I don’t even know what status quo means, but it fits there, so never mind haha). Oh you are a doctor, you must be really smart! Oh you are penyapu sampah, you must be the one who didn’t finished the homework during school rite? Ah, you’re father is an engineer! You’re really lucky!

But actually, in this world, in this dunya, you could be anyone. When I said anyone, I really meant anyone. Ahaha you get my point, ANYONE. You could be a doctor, you could be an engineer, you could be a singer, you could a farmer, as long as you want. But remember, in after life, you could be only winner or loser…..


Dan katakanlah : “Bekerjalah kamu, maka Allah dan RasulNya serta orang-orang mukmin akan melihat pekerjaanmu itu, dan kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah) Yang Mengetahui akan yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu diberitakanNya kepada kamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan”

at-Tawbah /9: 105

So, actually we could be anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are in this dunya, what matters is who you are in akhirat. People always said, doctor is the most honourable job as doctors help to save people life. Then, people also always said, teacher is the best job, as they teach someone to be someone we called human.

Allah is really fair. He loves us, no matter who we are as long as we did our job with full of sincerity for Him.

We could be a doctor, but if we do our job not for Him, our niat is only to get the fame, to get respect from others, nauzubillahuminzalik, we are only loser in akhirat. I’m sorry if I made a wrong assumption. Only Allah could judge us. Wallhualam.

But, if someone, his job only to pick trash in town, but he did his job with full of sincerity, to help others, for the sake of Allah, insyaAllah his fate in akhirat is good. People may look down on him in dunya, but only Allah knows who is him in akhirat.

So again, you could be a doctor, an engineer, an artist in this dunya, but in akhirat you could only be a loser and winner.

So, who are you? Choose now!

May His barakah with us no matter what job we did Smile insyaAllah!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

I need you. I want you.

Assalamualaikum Smile

The title kinda jiwang I thought. Haha. But I’m definitely not gonna talk about love. And I won’t even talk about anything today. Just wanna share some interesting and cool pictures I found in internet.

Alrite let’s begin!




HAHA. And lastly….

Want vs Need  (11)

#On my face.

That’s all folk. See you again ^^

ps : teringat pesan abah tiap kali lepas call ke, skype ke, “duit tu jimat2 lah sikit” . Hehe baiklah abah. InsyaAllah Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bitter sweet :)

Assalamualaikum Smile

Just watched “Laura in the Kitchen” by Laura Vitale. Haha, Konon mengidam nak buat cupcake ;p


Then saya agak tertarik dengan satu benda yang dia cakap. Dia cakap dia suka letak garam dalam setiap masakan dia. Even cupcakes. Dia kata garam ni ibarat meng-complete- kan rasa. Then saya pun terilham. Bila kita belajar memasak, pernah tak dengar….

“Jangan letak garam banyak sangat, nanti masin”

“Jangan blend banyak sangat bawang merah dalam sambal, nanti jadi pahit”

“Gula tu jangan terlebih, nanti jadi tak sedap”

Tapi still, dalam masakan, kita akan letak garam sikit, gula banyak sikit, bawang2 dalam amount yang betul sebagaimana tertulis di myresepi Smile 


Thanks to this site ^^ I am 30% professional cook now Smile

So, mari kita apply dalam kehidupan kita! Garam tu masin, bawang tu pahit, gula tu manis. Kalau dalam hidup ni kena insert mana2 bahan, anda nak yang mana? Mesti la nak gula kan? Everyone want their life to be as sweet as cotton candy, right right right?


Why I love cotton candy? Simple, it is pink \(^^)/

Tapi, cuba bayang, kalau buat kari, letak gula je? Euwwww. Manisnya! Sambal letak cili kering je? Okay *sungai mengalir di hidung* pedas pedas! Tak sedap kan?

Same goes to our life. Our life is dull without problem Smile 


Hey, listen to these words :

If we never fall down, we never learn how to get up.

If we never lose something, we never learn how to appreciate thing.

If we never get lost in our way, we never know the way back.

If we never fail, we never know the real meaning of success.

If we never been cheated in love, we never know our true love.

and goes all saying..

In our love letters from Allah, al Quran it is all written.

“Diwajibkan atas kamu berperang, padahal itu tidak menyenangkan bagimu. Tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal itu tidak baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui”

Al- Baqarah : 216

He knows the best for us Smile

Dan ingatlah bahawa Allah takkan sesekali menguji hamba hambaNya dengan ujian yang tak mampu dipikul oleh mereka. Setiap ujian pasti bertepatan dengan kemampuan kita. Itu janji Allah.

Ujian itu ibarat garam, gula, bawang dalam masakan. We as the cook will put them all in right proportion to make sure our cooking will be as delicious as it could be. So does Allah, He always put the ujian in right proportion in our life for He always know the best for us ^___^









*Lollipop might be really sweet, but sometimes, it give me toothache. Ouchh.This medicine might be bitter, but it soothes your cough ^^ *


Thanks for reading Smile Assalamualakum!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Learn To Let Go

Assalamualaikum dear readers and friends.

Today I got physical training class. Haha, yes, in my medical school, physical training is compulsory for 1st and 2nd year students. Sometimes I feel really lazy but sometimes it was fun to play with my groupmates rather than stuck in the long-hours classes!

So, today, I played badminton!

I’m not a good athlete but I do enjoyed the game. I was trying hard to catch the shuttle cock even it was obvious that the shuttle cock already flew out of the court.

Then I learnt something.



do you ever feel like “its so hard letting go?”

even when the situation was already in a mess, you don’t what to do, and it was the worst case scenario ever! But, deep in your heart, letting go is the last option.

back then in MRSM PC, my senior had a backache. The serious one. Her condition made it difficult for her to continue the routine of the boarding school. She needs to do the prep session in the room, couldn’t go to surau and even her friend need to take the food from the Dewan Selera for her.

So, she had only 2 choices. Stay OR leave.

It was really hard to make the decision. SPM was just around the corner, will she adapt in new school?

After istikharah, Allah had shown her the way. She found a piece of paper, saying..

“when you let go of something, something better comes along”

she made her decision. She leaved our school. I never heard of her again but I’m sure, she already found the hikmah Smile

So, what’s the relation with badminton?

Sometimes, when thing are out of control, we just need to let go.

I said earlier,

“I was trying hard to catch the shuttle cock even it was obvious that the shuttle cock already flew out of the court.”

quoted, Nawal Amalina

As analogy, if the shuttle cock already flew out of the court, don’t run for it. For you might made mistake. Just let go. You got your point and new round start! And this time, don’t lose your shuttle cock again.

But but but but but… it is not wrong of making the effort. Who knows, you might catch it!

Because road will always be the road not taken.

p/s : Allah knows the best for us.