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Thursday, June 2, 2011



People. Who are they?

The queen? labour? Tsar? A student? A lazy student?

Or…. a robot who come with the soul?

Being a people is easy. Being a people is hard. Which one? Hard or easy? Easy or hard? Come on. Tell me. Which one.

No answer? Why? There must be an answer. But NO, they aren’t. Surprise? Or expected?

People say, life is bed of roses. People say, life is thorn of roses. What were people thinking actually? Bed of roses or it just a thorn?

O people. Who are you? Reveal yourself.

Reveal no. No reveal. Because we are like a gift. Wrapped ourselves in box, waiting for the right one to reveal what’s really inside.

O people, you’re mysterious.

Yes we are. No we aren’t.

How could you are and you aren’t. I’m confused.

Because we loved to be at different places at one time. 2 places at one time. Sometime 3, sometime 4. 5 are too much.

Is it possible, people?

Yes. We loved to be in 2 places at the same time.

But how, people?

When we’re in shower, we rehearsed our presentation.

When we’re taking breakfast, we read newspaper.

When we’re driving, we talk to our business partner.

When we’re agreeing with something outside, we are strongly disagree inside.

When we’re joking, we are actually have some message to be said.

When we’re looking at one, we are eventually thinking of another.

When we’re doing something, we’re actually lying to ourselves.

When our heart says yes, our brain says no. When our brain says yes, our heart says no.

When we’re in present time, we time travelled to the future, dreaming of uncertainty.

When we’re in the present time, we time travelled to the past, reminiscing the memory.


Our feet touching the ground, our minds in the clouds.

2 places at 1 time.

O people, you’re weird.

No, we’re not.

Cause we’re people. And people is people.

And I’m the people.



Guns don’t kill people. But people kill people.


ps: HAHA what am I writing?

pps: Don’t laugh.

Assalamualaikum Smile

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art and Medic :D

assalamualaikum Smile

Salam 1 june, aha, it’s june!

WARNING : Manglish berleluasa, maaf pencinta bahasa. Lainkali saya cuba kurangkan Smile peace, no war, no harm!

Okay, sedar tak sedar, dah june pun. Saya harap saya akan rajin mengupdate blog seperti bulan mei yang lalu. Err.. even exam dah makin hampir, tapi kalau nak seribu daya kan? *Sape setuju boleh senyum*

Okay, the lucky topic on 1st june, Art and Medic~


Whoaaa, it’s a contradiction! Hey hey, who says? I disagree.. Then, looking down the memory lane, 2 years back then, I remembered, I once said,

“HAH PEN SENI? Aiseyman, kata Maktab Rendah SAINS Mara! Sains beb… Takkan kena belajar PS kottttt”

Haha, I’m quite sure that many students were saying the same too. I don’t really have the affection or passion towards art. I mean, I love to see arts, but I’m not good at art. At kindergarten, my colouring book weren’t that beautiful. HAHA. And my artwork never been said as CANTIK SANGAAATTT. Hehe, not all people have that “art blood” though. And I’m one of them. So, to have about 1 hour class of Art was like a burden (heavy one) for me.

And, why oh why do we have to learn all those theories of art? And again, I once said, “Aku nak jadi doktor laaa, takde nye nak pakai pakai semua ni nanti”  *kat belakang ramai gilaaaa sokong!* *clap clap clap*

(Maafkan lah mulut dia yang tak makan saman tu, budak budak lagi masa tu)

But but, dear dear my sistahh and brothahh out there, who still sit in the benches of school, and dreaming to be a doctor and taking art subject for granted, DON’T YOU EVER DO SO! Focus in the class, HAHA, even for the theory class. Surprise? *Hey did I look like I’m joking?* NOO!

Yea, art is so important, especially when you’re studying anatomy and histology. Haha, you’ll be drawing and colouring much! And, one could say, “ala lukis ala kadar sudahh, tak payah nak bersungguh sangat la”. Okay, never mind if you’re thinking like that. But as for me, when my drawing is like *rubbish*, I have no mood to look at it, nak study pun macam malasmalas *ketuk kepala*

Haha, so take a look at those drawing (saya lukis nii, bangga sikit!)

And you’ll believed me Smile


::Mr skull and his artery Winking smile ::


::Kidney and layer of scrotum::




::Lamellar Bone::


::The tissues and arteries of hand::


::Kidneys and Nephron::

SAM_4480 ::Muscle tissue::


Okay, see the importance right? For the tissues, the colouring technique is very important as you want it to look like the real one!

And actually, art is not all about the drawing and colouring. Art is subjective. For example, stitching. We need some art to do a good stitch. In medic, especially in surgery, the doctors must do neat and right stitching to the patients.

Since I am still in the first year, I am not exposed much to this medical field, and those are the few things I know of medic that related to art. But, I’m sure there’s gonna be more! And more excitement will come, insyaAllah Smile

So, now I understand the phrase “Ministry of Education of Malaysia wouldn’t made the art subject is compulsory if it is not useful”

Love art <3

ps : there is like mitos, that said “ science students CANNOT do arts”. No laah, I have a friend, who are taking medicine too, and she is really good at artwork. Her name is Ernisha Smile

pps : And Yusri too! Open-mouthed smile