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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parents and their dream

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hello dear readers (if u still exist), haha. Sorry for my missing in action. Maybe I shud named this blog as random and seldomly posted blog!


I just watched “Gifted Hand : Ben Carson Story”. I was like mad with myself for a second because why did it takes 20 years and 40 days for me to discover this inspiring story.For those who haven’t yet watch this story, I humbly recommend this story for you. Ben Carson was and is still a legend in medicine. He is the neurosurgeon and the first one successfully operate on the siamese twins. What more interesting about him is the journey of his life. From the boy who had been called as “dummies” until a successful neurosurgeon. Along with him was his mom, the great mom. His mom, a single mother of 2, who can’t even read, but yet has been a great mom, mother behind the success of his two sons.

My favourite words of his mom,

“You can do anything anyone else can do, only you can do it better”

That’s really a parents’ word right?

Then, as soon as I finished watching, I am excitedly tweet about this story and while scrolling down the timeline, I read a tweet by TED, it sounds like this

“Why do parents think it’s so easy to get straight A’s?”


And now that’s really the children’s word right?

Haha. Throughout my life, I’ve been stressed out by my mother especially to always maintain the good and excellent result. I could say, what I am today, it is because of my mother. She had push me to go this far. She had been dreaming about me being a doctor since I could remember, that was like when I was 4, maybe?

She will always remind us to study hard, to get straight A’s, to get a good grade, good rating in the class. Haha, sometimes I wonder, did she think that it is really easy to achieve that. But, as I grow up, I understand that, that is the parents’ job. To believe us when others don’t. To have faith in us. Who else would be dreaming for us besides them?

So, maybe, sometimes, some moment, some seconds, we think that they are putting so much hope on our shoulder by saying those words, but believe me, they just want to encourage us, for us to put some faith in ourselves in our little room of heart, to be confident of ourselves! If we succeed, it is us who got the credit, and they will just be sitting from afar, cheering for us. And if we failed, believe me, they will be the first person to hold us from falling down. That’s parent Smile


So, thank them for all!

p/s : teringat masa fail test JPJ tahun lepas, I was so scared to tell my parents, and risau sangat2 they will put the blame on me and whatsoever, so I decided to message abah. I wrote, “abah, sorry kakak dah fail”. And for a sec, came in the reply and abah said “takpela, lain kali pulak. Boleh balik dah ke?”. And I was like fuhhhhh lega and sayang abah! And my mom was cool too. Though I know they were sad. I was really bersalah sbb membazir 1k++ for the fees just to get the “GAGAL” cop on my kertas! I will do the best for my next test! (and that was moment that I realize that I am really noob in driving a car) haha. Sad moment of my life, one of them! But Im lucky to have ma and abah Smile

So, that’s all for now! Till we meet again, insyaAllah, God willing Smile