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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not perfect

Salam wbt

If I was asked about what thing I'm bad at.. My answer probably be driving.

Yeah I'm bad at driving.

I passed the theory part excellently.

But I just knew that knowledge isn't equal to understanding.

We need to apply the knowledge in order to understand a thing.

My driving skill is bad.

But I'm not going to give up. I wanna be a driver who drive slowly but safely.

Slowly but surely. Yeah thats how I will do it.

I don't wanna be the kind of driver who drove fast and crashed.


That's not my plan.

Not all driver are fast-learner. Slow driver also can reach the destination.

Give me time. 

O Allah who can read my broken heart right now, give me guidance.


P/s : I'm not literally talking about driving.

But yeah.. I failed my jpj test eventho I achieved perfect score during theory test. It kinda relates, which is funny.

Hope to get my license real soon. (Now I'm literally talking about driving license)

Till then, pray for me! Thanks in advance.

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