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Monday, February 17, 2014



I should be studying right now. I have obstetric exam tomorrow. Yeah I know. I should be sitting like a nerd now, burning the midnight oil. But, you know, it’s just the second week of school. The nerd inside me is missing somewhere and very shy to go out. So here I am, out of nowhere, writing a new blog post after so long. Hi!

I just read a status by my senior. And the status literally made me smile. Why? Because he is being so rational!

Waaa, what did he wrote anyway?

Well, he wrote about, maggi!

Err.. okay, maggi. Haha I know right, I should be worrying about fetal skull size right now, but all I did is writing about maggi and how on earth status about maggi related to rationalism?

He said that maggi is not good, but during hard time, when empty wallet teaches you about the value of life, maggi becomes our saviour!

Yeah. True enough.

My point is..

I like maggi. Especially tom yam.





Okay fine. My point is..


When we’re looking at something, don’t just look from one side. It might be bad from this side, but turn the angle slightly lower or upper, you might have a better view.

That’s why angle is very important in photography. And that is also why only some people can be good photographer. The one who knows to choose the right angle.

You might be really against maggi because of their bad side effect, but try to understand why still the person choose maggi when they know it is not good?

Think. Be rational.



Good luck exam Nawal.

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